We are an accredited block chain development company with deep knowledge and experience in the development and management of decentralized solutions.

Block chain brings a radical change in the business world with its decentralization, immutability, transparency and distributed ledger features. With a clear understanding of its growth potential and its experience of integrating blockchain into mobility solutions.

At Kytics Technologies Pvt Ltd have proven ourselves to be one of the best Block chain dapps company India serving you with a complete package - a team of Block chain developers, designers, and marketers who understand this technology thoroughly and use language prerequisites and tools to develop a decentralized ecosystem for your brand. Our highly skilled blockchain application developers have excelled in their abilities to work with multiple platforms, including Ethereum and Solidity, and thus offer you a multitude of options and solutions as you plan to enter this world.

Our blockchain development service providers offer you a wide range of decentralized solutions that add scalability, transparency and security to your ecosystem.

Blockchain App Consultation: We help to business leader to recognize how blockchain cab be perfectfit to theie business.

MVP Development: We think we test before launching a full DApp. Therefore, our Block chain solutions revolve around the development and launch of a DAV MVP application.

Development of smart contracts:

Our team of smart contract developers creates immutable and precise smart contracts that make the business ecosystem conflict-free.

DApp end-to-end solutions:

From idealization, design, coding to final release, we take care of the entire Dapps development process from start to finish.

Custom blockchain solutions:

We offer custom Block chain solutions to integrate with your existing mobile apps, turning them into Dapps.

Cryptographic portfolio development:
As part of our block chain development services, we create Crypto wallet dapps containing hundreds of crypto currencies, while transporting information about your wallet balance and purchase history.

Block chain allowed (private):

We are developing a distributed ledger and an enterprise-level code base, which limits participation in the open source distributed ledger.


Decentralized applications continue to be a space to monitor key disruptions in the technology industry. Our Dapps Builder makes it easy to create D apps that would improve the operation of the company. From the discussion above, companies can now know what D apps should adopt in their business strategy to gain a competitive advantage.

High Quality Custom Web Application Development Services on Budget

Having a simple website is not enough for a company to remain visible in the target market. It is important that they are prepared with a better solution to stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, they are always looking for new updates and new technologies that can help them become a bigger business opportunity.

If you are thinking of taking advantage of professional web design services, so don’t move anywhere Kytics Technologies Pvt Ltd providing best services to our clients. There are many companies dedicated to providing web solutions, ranging from web development to custom web design services. However, you must select a company that aims to satisfy your customers and issue deliveries according to their needs within the time limit periods.

 A professional Web UI and UX development services Odisha has the skill to accurately manage the entire project from start to finish. With a range of innovative ideas and exceptional development services.

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Good web UI and UX development services can have a prolific impact on overall business sales and increase the volume of traffic to websites. Our professional technical designer and developers have deep knowledge and, using the latest design tools, strive to ensure the most remarkable results for customers. In addition, a website with adequate navigation tools and a fast loading time also attracts viewers. Since SEO services are considered one of the most influential ways to create an online presence, a professional web design and development Company must provide services that strictly to search engine optimization techniques. SEO-optimized web design and development services help a website easily appear in the search engine index.

Basic web design skills include knowledge of basic programming languages such as Xml, HTML, CSS, and scripting languages for the user interface and the server. A professional designer has great skills in database management and project management. PHP programming is compatible with almost all Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. This scripting language provides faster page loading speed to web pages.

PHP website development is highly valued as PHP scripted web pages can be easily edited. Therefore, when you need to implement a change or modify something, you can do it easily.

Developing PHP websites requires less expense and low maintenance costs. Because of the reliability and efficient performance it offers, PHP is the right choice for creating user-friendly websites.

A business that provides professional web design and development services must meet all of your needs, whether you use the services to build commercial, non-profit, or public websites. Web developers and designers should boast of the competition of creating new websites, remodeling an existing website, developing SEO friendly content, organizing the domain name and the appropriate registration, the provision of a domain hosting service, a domain management service. databases, create web designs and more.

It is a fact that, as an entrepreneur, you need to know the exact marketing strategy that will help your business to thrive. And having your business website designed and developed by a professional website design company will rightly certify your marketing campaign to provide you with productive results.

                                                 5 key benefits of enterprise software development solutions for business

In the rapidly changing IT environment, companies are increasingly being asked to use a highly user-friendly and highly viable business software Enterprise application development Odisha to better address business problems and challenges. It is quite expensive to maintain multiple business programs to manage various organizational processes and to monitor large and complex customer databases and networks. To reduce the unwanted financial burden on medium and large companies, business software developers have developed unique computing solutions or business software that help companies automate tasks, including payment processing, billing and reporting, security issues, and improving overall business resource planning and customer relationship management.

Now let's take a closer look at the top 5 benefits of using enterprise software developm

ent solutions for businesses
Increased organizational efficiency
With the use of business software, Kytics Technologies Pvt Ltd can manage their business data and similar useful information quickly and in an organized way. Managing customer data and generating reports manually leads to unnecessary waste of time and money. Business IT solutions help companies capture, store, and manage large amounts of data and information on a single, integrated platform to easily view and generate multiple online or print reports at any time in the future.
Low IT administrative costs
The costs associated with administering and maintaining different organizational tasks can be greatly reduced using the enterprise software development application. For example, manually managing payment processing or performing billing tasks requires companies to hire additional staff. Automating manual management processes across the company goes a long way in saving your hard-earned business capital.
Utility of cloud-based business IT systems
The basic difference between an in-house and non-cloud-based IT application is that the former provides companies with universal access to business software such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), etc. anywhere, anytime, 24/7. Cloud-based solutions are hosted on a cloud platform by the solution provider; therefore, they do not require permission for their use. Unlike an internal IT application, cloud-based business software eliminates the costs of purchase, installation, download, or maintenance during the course of its use.
Multiple user access
Several professionals can use the enterprise IT solution at any time to perform different organizational tasks. This software is generally hosted on the servers of the company to provide simultaneous access to several people via a common computer network. A single user enterprise software solution can be used by one person at a time and only works on their computer.
Enhanced security of corporate data
Businesses of any size and complexity can explore Enterprise application development Odisha (EAD), as it is commonly known, to provide greater security for the organization’s text and digital information. All confidential business data, including online customer payment details, business reports, etc., is protected from any possible cyber / phishing attack.


When normal graphics or computer screens are introduced to the real world, giving the environment an illusion of its existence, such technology is known as augmented reality (AR). You do not think; It seems exciting that AR is adding not only graphics, sounds, and hap tic feedback, but also senses and smells to this virtual reality world.

Today, Augmented reality development services  has spread its wings not only in games but also in our daily lives. From retail to healthcare. Augmented reality has demonstrated its capabilities and presented us with all its future achievements. In the retail industry, where you can change the overall shopping experience and reduce the gap between the online store and the physical store. While in the healthcare industry, nothing is more fascinating than understanding a human body or, indeed, any physical body in a 3D aspect rather than a 2D image or graphics.

Augmented reality services   has also influenced the mobile industry. Imagine yourself wearing those cool reflections that look absolutely normal to others, but with a glow that not only corrects your vision but also store

s plenty of HD movies, your favorite books, and even songs - and you can enjoy it all the time day without even being noticed by others. Isn't that cool Here Google glasses are surely making a good impression and with the news to come it has been said that geek glasses will now be reduced to contact lenses with built-in AR technology.

Industries where AR can be used:

  • Electronic commerce and advertising. AR can take e-commerce experiences to another level. In the case of marketing, it offers a new platform for advertising campaigns because people can simply scan a QR code or follow a link and get more attractive and interactive ads that they will really enjoy.
  • Education. Applying AR in the educational process can be a great way to engage students in classrooms and make the entire educational process more interactive and exciting. Additionally, it can help students navigate the campus.
  • Entertainment. Perhaps the most obvious use of AR for entertainment is because interacting with it is really fun on its own. It can be used for games or even for movie promotion.
  • Deal. One of the most interesting AR implementations is 3D AR business cards. When you scan a QR code, an interactive map appears on your phone's screen. From there, you can browse social media, emails, and more of the person. Your AR business card will also allow you to track analytics - how many people have used the QR code.

Despite these few limitations; Augmented reality company future of augmented reality looks really bright and forward thinking. Like any other evolving technology, AR also faces barriers with respect to technical, social, ethical and financial problems. Where none of the problems seem overwhelming. Over time, all the technical issues will be resolved and AR will no doubt come up with something that also closes the gaps between social and ethical issues.

                                IS THAT CRYPTOCURRENCY WALLET SECURE?

What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that stores private and public keys and communicates with different blockchains to allow users to send and receive digital currency and control their balance.  If you want to need utilize the Bitcoin or Crypto currency money, then you should have an advanced wallet.

Understand how a cryptocurrency wallet works

A cryptocurrency wallet is a secure digital wallet used to store, transmit and accept digital currencies like Bitcoin. The best coins have an official wallet or some officially recommended third party wallets. To use any cryptocurrency, you will need to use a cryptocurrency wallet from Blockchain dapps company India.

What cryptocurrency wallet should we use?

We generally suggest using an authorized (or officially approved) wallet for a given currency. So for Bit coin we would like to use the Bit coin Core wallet, for Lit coin we suggest Lit coin Core and for Ethereum we suggest Ethereum Wallet or MyEtherWallet.

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Are cryptocurrency wallets secured?

Wallets are secure to varying degrees. The degree of security relies upon the kind of wallet you use (work area, portable, on the web, paper and equipment) and the specialist organization. A web server is a natural way of an insecure environment to keep your money compared to offline. Online wallets can reveal vulnerabilities accessible on the wallet platform to users that the merchant can use to steal their funds. Offline wallets, on the other hand, cannot be offended, as they are simply not linked to an online network and do not depend on a third party for their security.

Although online wallets have proven to be the most vulnerable and prone to hacking, special attention to security must be implemented and followed when using any wallet. Remember that no matter which wallet you use, the loss of your private keys will lead you to lose your money.

Put your wallet away-

 Store only small amounts of money for daily use online, on your computer or mobile device, keeping the vast majority of your funds in a highly secure environment. The alternative online or offline storage option for backups like Ledger Nano or paper or USB will secure you against computer failure and allow you to recover your wallet in case of loss or theft.

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Update the software-

Keep your software updated for the latest security enhancement. Often you need to update not only your wallet software, but also the software on your computer or mobile device.

Add additional layers of security-

The more layers of security, the better. Setting long and complicated passwords and making sure any withdrawal requires a password is a start. Use wallets that are reputable and support additional layers of security, such as two-factor authentication and additional PIN code requirements every time a wallet app is opened. You can also consider a wallet that offers multi-tier transactions like Armory or Copay. A wallet with multiple signatures or multiple signatures requires authorization from one or more users before a transaction can be completed.

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Which Cryptocurrency wallet is the best?

There is a growing list of options. However, before choosing a wallet, you need to think about how you plan to use it.

Atomic wallet-

Atomic Wallet is a new multi-asset custody solution for the secure storage and management of BTC, ETH, XLM, XRP, and LTC over 300 other coins and tokens. Crypto assets and characteristics are regularly updated.

Bread wallet-

Bread Wallet is a simple Bitcoin mobile digital wallet that makes sending bitcoin as easy as sending an email. On the App store you can download the wallet.0020Bread Wallet offers a separate client, so there is no server to use when sending or receiving bitcoins.

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Blockchain information (point)-

Blockchain is one of the most mainstream Bitcoin wallets. Access to this wallet can be done from any browser or smart phone. provides two different additional layers. For the browser version, users can enable confirmation of two factors, while mobile users can activate the need for a PIN code every time the wallet application is opened.

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                                                               Know More About Features Of Android And IOS

iOS and Android are the two most popular and easy-to-use operating systems used for mobile devices. Both apps come with advanced features and app ecosystems; there are some visible differences between Android and iOS phones. Truth be told, choosing a tablet or Smartphone for personal use is a well-considered decision. Android is known as the most used and widely used platform by phone manufacturers. Unlike Android, iOS is specifically used by Apple devices like the iPhone. ios and android apps company Odisha.

Comparison between iOS and Android

iOS and Android have admirable features that can easily grab users attention to purchase these apps. With iOS, we can enjoy delivering newspapers, magazines, and iMessages to iOS users and get easy-to-read web pages, etc. It supports Java Script and offers Siri for further coverage. Siri can give answers on stats, sports, movies, and reviews. If you want to know the best restaurants or open places, Siri is always ready to provide you with its services. iOS has offered Apple Map, which can provide you with a 3D view of cities, accident warnings, traffic information, and road construction. There are some disadvantages of iOS and one of the fundamental weaknesses of this operating system is related to the lower version of the operating system. These versions are totally vulnerable and can be very easily hacked by hackers. ios and android apps company Odisha.

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Android offers unlimited features and helps its users navigate with intuitive gestures. One of the notable features of android phones is the ice cream sandwich. The readability has been improved by a high resolution display and conveys an advanced look to the user interface. The main strength of Android is the multitasking attribute and it allows the user to switch between jobs using the system bar list. Android provides a list of rules related to system access to its users. These security locks can be adjusted when installing the application. All data on Android phones can be stored in a Gmail account. It is beneficial for users to retrieve their important contacts, messages or personal information by logging into their Gmail account.  Like iOS, Android has pros and cons. The basic problem of this operating system is related to the inefficiencies of the Android phone to get updates to the latest version.

                                                     Know About The Helpful Information - Augmented Reality

Fundamentally, augmented reality can be viewed as a modern type of virtual reality. At the point when you reproduce physical parts of this present reality with imaginary thoughts using touch, sight, and sound making PC created 3D boundaries, it is known as a virtual world. Imagine that you are in a store and you see products using a 3D system on computer screens where you can point any product and move it at all angles. It really is a wonderful experience! This is the latest technology that governs the world of marketing and for the last four years it has been known as Augmented Reality. Today, Augmented reality development services is more than just a promotional tool, as it now creates a brand and a customer relationship. Almost all companies have started to use AR as an important tool to introduce products / services to the market and create their own brand.

Due to a lack of academic literature, as well as research studies in the field of augmented reality services marketing, this article will begin by emphasizing the little research and the small number of research papers associated with experimental marketing. Those create its base and its elements. Investigation study. Economists hypothesize that the modern world connects strongly with elements of the "experience economy," meaning that customers are more inclined to experimental consumption. In this type of behavior, customers generally see functional utility as irrelevant. It is at this point that experiential marketing initiates and treats consumption as a kind of holistic experience and recognizes the rational and emotional drivers of consumption.

The importance of experiential marketing is seen as a method of creating value for end consumers, which in turn would provide an additional benefit to companies, especially in the future. Furthermore, it will also encourage consumers to make faster and more optimistic purchasing decisions. However, even though the new advertising direction is widely accepted to symbolize the future of marketing, it is still not entirely understandable. And, for this reason, you need a more diverse range of research techniques to better understand consumers.

Augmented reality company is a modernized version of virtual or virtual reality. Augmented reality applications have several advantages, some of which are:-

  • Although the originality of these applications diminishes after intensive use, the responsibility now falls on the brands, since they can now take advantage of this technology and create more products with ease. Augmented reality is becoming increasingly popular with many companies, with each new creation there is the possibility of further advancement and exposure.

  • With augmented reality, one can download his version of media as images or other creations. Companies can create their own innovation for their users, one can choose between images and videos because they include the x factor.

  • Companies can improve their creation and share them with networks; you can even include engaging content.

  • It is quite common that many users do not have the ability to create professional videos; however, with augmented reality applications a higher degree can be achieved.
  • Regarding the high quality of the content and other aspects, these applications are very satisfactory. You have to test them to know their usability and production capacity.

Experimental augmented reality marketing would be considered to primarily affect the per-purchase phase. In this step, according to the purchase decision-making route, the client analyzes his selections before making the final decision. Customers can browse a wide variety of products before buying, including those that are out of stock. They have the option to choose between large quantities. Advice, recommendations and inspiration are always available to clients.

                                     Empowering the journey of secure and transparent technology – Block chain

 Block chain, with its decentralized and secure nature, opens up new business opportunities in all fields. In addition to increasing transparency and security, decentralized development can increase transaction volume, attract more clients to the business, and even reduce costs with accounting and legal staff.

As a Blockchain dapps company India, we offer a complete development cycle for decentralized applications (DApps). Our expert team of DApp developers can help you develop a block chain-powered DApp to unlock tangible results for your business and potential users.


Let's build a new decentralized future together!

Our passion and predilection for emerging technologies has kept us at the forefront of DApp trends. We can help you build your own DApp, whether you are considering a new crypto currency like Bit coin or Ethereum, a new decentralized application (DApp), or even an update to an existing application. For DApp development, we using the platform for block chain is Hyper ledger, Ethereum, Stellar, Corda, EOS, Tron, and Hash graph.

Our block chain experts and developers are experts in solving real business problems using bespoke block chain solutions. Whether you are focusing on empowering a target audience, improving backend processes, or building a completely new operating model on block chain technology, we can provide you with full technical support.

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DApp development services

We offer Blockchain dapps company India service to use deliver DApp solutions at reasonable rates and within estimated time frames. Our services include:

1) Custom DApp development

We create custom DApps for different verticals that strengthen the security of your data and stay ahead of the competition in the world of DApps.

2) UI / UX DApp Design

We create dynamic UI / UX DApps layout for decentralized applications that provide better user experience for users. Our dedicated DApps designers are experienced in developing functional prototypes and mockups that raise standards and achieve tangible results.

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3) Custom DApp integrations

Our DApp integration services are built with powerful strategies that are sure to improve the performance of your business applications with highly advanced features. We design effective strategies to integrate DApps with custom modules and plugins.

4) Quality control and DApp testing

We focus on basic testing techniques to optimize application performance. We make sure our DApps are bug-free and run efficiently.

5) DApp portability services

Our DApp developers can easily migrate your existing application to any other platform as required with minimal complexity. Our DApp portability services ensure that your DApp solutions are accessible on all web and mobile platforms.

                                               Why is mobile application development necessary for your business?

The development of a mobile application has become one of the main concerns of all organizations, due to its use. In recent years, the mobile application has proven its importance in the industry. It has completely changed the world, the way we see the internet and the way we use the internet for all work. The development of ios and android apps company Odisha is growing rapidly. Many organizations find that connecting mobile apps with people is easier than any other source. From telecommunications, banking to government, education and healthcare, all industries need mobile application development for their business growth. And it has become an essential element for all businesses.

After knowing the need to develop mobile apps for your business, the next and most important thing is to identify your business. What type of business do you have or what type of business are you doing? What are your future goals and objectives? Businesses such as real estate, healthcare, education, e-commerce, and restaurants, these types of businesses must have ios and android apps.

After knowing the type of your business, the next most important step is to identify your audience. Many app developers choose to build Android apps. But why? Because we know that 2/3 of the population uses Android and the rest of iOS and Windows. But most of the time it depends on your type of business. Android development is easier than iOS development. It's cheaper and the Google Play Store has fewer restrictions than the Apple Store.

We can capture more market with the Android app. They know that with mobile app development, they just aren't growing their business, they're increasing their customers. There are hundreds of types of mobile phones, but most of the mobiles work on Android, iOS and Windows. If you also want to grow your business and increase your profits like others, it's up to you to decide how and which mobile platform is best for your business. You can hire an expert ios and android apps company Odisha.

Kytics Technologies is one of the leading mobile app development company in the  Odisha. Over the years, we have built a good reputation as an innovative app development company in India with a variety of apps tailored to success to meet specific goals and objectives. We develop more than 50 mobile applications in different technologies such as iOS, and Android.  Kytics Technologies is led by professionals with extensive industry experience serving global clients. Our management team has the knowledge and business experience to solve real customer challenges. Kytics Technologies has a global presence providing ios and android apps company Odisha services around the world.